Progetto “PITCCH”: proroga della deadline al 15 marzo per la call progetti di Open Innovation: fino a 25k€ a disposizione per le PMI/Startup!

Agenzia di Sviluppo, Azienda Speciale della CCIAA Chieti e Pescara partner Enterprise Europe Network - - la più grande rete europea di assistenza e supporto alle PMI – segnala la proroga della deadline al 15 marzo 2021 sulla call per progetti di Open Innovation del Progetto "PITCCH", che mette a disposizione fino a 25.000 euro per le PMI/Startup.

"PITCCH" è un progetto cofinanziato dalla Commissione Europea con l’obiettivo di promuovere collaborazioni fra PMI/startup e grandi aziende in progetti di Open Innovation. PMI e startup vincitrici della competizione si aggiudicheranno un finanziamento di 25k€ e la possibilità di sviluppare la propria idea insieme a una grande Corporation.

Le migliori 15 PMI saranno invitate a presentare una proposta più dettagliata. Di queste, le migliori 10 saranno invitate a presentare la propria idea davanti alla grande azienda detentrice della challenge. La vincitrice della competizione riceverà i 25k€ e inizierà una collaborazione di sei mesi con la grande azienda per sviluppare l’idea.

La scadenza per presentare un concept breve è stata prorogata a lunedì 15 marzo per le seguenti challenge:

- Challenge by APTIV “Eye See Glasses – Remote Support” in advanced manufacturing and digital technologies Giving technical support to automotive customers in their factories worldwide is more and more demanding in terms of response times, quality of the information and efficiency. Aptiv is seeking for an SME or a startup that can develop the Eye See Glasses for remote and real-time technical support and guidance to solve product implementation problems, where the multi interaction becomes possible, increasing response quality and therefore customer satisfaction. See the challenge here.

- Challenge by Procter & Gamble: “Plastic-free recyclable packaging for liquid detergents” in advanced materials and nanotechnology. We are all aware of how much plastic is polluting the earth and how many products still rely on this material. Procter & Gamble is one of the main sellers of liquid detergents. Their challenge is aimed to avoid the plastic use in liquid detergents packages by searching an SME or a startup that can propose an alternative material or a shaped package that can hold liquids. This material shall be compatible with paper streams, plastic-free and recyclable. See the challenge here.

- Challenge by Repsol “Bio-indole for gasoline octane booster” in industrial biotechnology. The EU committed to cut CO2 emissions from non-ETS sectors by 2030 by 30% and liquid fuels still represent 93% of all energy used in transport. One of the options is to raise the octane number of petrol to RON >100, which would help reduce 20 million tons of CO2 from petrol engine cars annually. Repsol's is searching for an SME or startup to achieve this goal through the development of a new family of more efficient Bio-additives alternative to Bio-ethers to raise the fuel octane number.  See the challenge here.

- Challenge by Saint-Gobain “Tile grout as a ceramic” in advanced materials. The application of tile grout between ceramic tiles is used primarily as a complement to the mechanical behaviour of the tiles. However, consumer demand is now becoming more rigorous in terms of the aesthetic perspective. Saint-Gobain is searching for an SME or startup to collaborate on developing a tile grout that behaves as close as possible to ceramic in terms of colour stability, and mechanical and fungi/bacteria resistance. See challenge here.

- Challenge by Siemens Energy “Climate-friendly process steam supply” in energy technologies. Siemens Energy manufactures highly efficient steam turbines. Even though their steam supply is already partly provided by climate-friendly energy supplies such as concentrated solar power or biomass, they also use fossil fuel-fired. Siemens Energy is looking for an SME or startup that will offer innovative technologies to establish a completely climate-friendly steam supply process. See the challenge here.

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Fonte: Enterprise-Europe Network