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BRNO Industry 4.0 – Conferenza e B2B – 15/ 16 febbraio 2023 online/in presenza

MBM Tourism Praga 2023 – 16-17 marzo 2023 on-line e in presenza

Hannover Messe_”Technology&Business Cooperation Days”_aprile 2023 – on-line e in presenza

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Etichettatura ambientale degli imballaggi - 22 febbraio 2023 – ore 11.00 /12.30

Giappone webinar - Tutti i webinar di febbraio di EU Japan-Centre per le aziende interessate al mercato giapponese

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Programmazione UE 2021-2027 e bandi Ue

Unioncamere Europa in collaborazione con partner di Enterprise Europe Network Italia offre il servizio programmazione 2021-2027 e bandi UE che fornisce un quadro della programmazione UE e delle opportunità di finanziamento europeo:
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Mercato unico europeo: 30 anni di storia | 2023: un anno di grandi aspettative | UE-USA: i limiti dell’Europa | Concorrenza o competitività? | SME FUND al via!

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Offerte commerciali

Ukrainian brand of clothing, equipment for backpacking and outdoor recreation is looking for sales partners: outdoor equipment stores or retail chains (BOUA20230203022) | Canadian company offers unique temperature management and wildfire protection technology (BOCA20230203019): | Irish company specialising in automated inspection and measurement solutions is looking to offer its services, as well as find distributors/resellers/strategic partners for their Robotic Vision Inspection Solution (BOIE20230203006)| Turkish glass processing company with a wide product portfolio seeks...| A revolutionary A.I. powered diagnosis assistance and clinical communication tool for the next generation dermatologist (BOES20230131005).

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Richieste commerciali

Dutch company active in exhaust systems is looking for a supplier of emission control mounting mats (BRNL20230202005) | Luxembourgish trading company is looking to import building materials, especially in construction panels, flooring and timber sectors under distribution services or commercial agency agreements (BRLU20230130011) | A Japanese distributor for hardware is seeking a partnership with EU manufacturers of products that can be sold in home improvement stores (BRJP20230127004) | Danish SME selling energy supplements for Athletes and everyday users is looking for new suppliers to co-develop nutrition products in Europe (BRDK20230118012) | Hungarian company is looking for partners selling or manufacturing home and garden products, horticare products, tools, workwear etc. to represent on the Hungarian market within the framework of a commercial or supplier agreement (BRHU20230124015).

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Offerte tecnologiche

A Ukrainian university offers technology for multilayer functional coatings deposition (TOUA20220530012) | German university is looking for companies willing to engage in application- oriented research in the digitalisation of industrial services (TODE20230202012) | Swiss company - Compact hybrid micro power plants for all year-round sustainable energy generation based on wind and solar (TOCH20230201011) | German university - Wireless water leakage detection - Energy-self-sufficient, maintenance-free sensor system (TODE20230131012):  | A Spanish tech company offers advanced point cloud processing capabilities with applications on the industry, mining and construction sectors (TOES20230201002). Scarica la newsletter per consultare i dettagli delle offerte tecnologiche. 

Richieste tecnologiche

Dutch candy-making company is looking for innovative solutions for ways of working with secondary and tertiary packing materials (TRNL20230127006) | A company from Lithuania is looking for technology solution for using textiles left over from production processes (TRLT20230130003) | Spanish SME is looking for reusing apple processing waste (TRES20230119004) | German automotive supplier - Electronics manufacturer sought to validate novel liquid cooling concept for electronic control units to be used in future mobility concepts and other sectors (TRDE20230116006) | Swedish printing company looking for manufacturers of residual products (TRSE20230113013).  Sei interessato a queste richieste? Scarica la newsletter

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